Electric energy

Provide filtration, hydraulic, and instrumentation product services for power plants in conjunction with urban construction and energy development
Ship and marine engineering

Excellent performance, quality, and reliable structure
Heavy Industry Metallurgy

Provide hydraulic, filtration, instrumentation, testing, sealing
Oil and gas petrochemicals

Provide pumps, valves, filters, pipe fittings, etc
Recommended products
Filter products include: basket filters, Y-shaped filters, various filter bags, filter elements, metal filter elements, ceramic filter elements, and fluid state monitoring and inspection equipment; We
The function of chemical composite hoses is to transfer media, and their diameter is generally larger than that of hydraulic hoses. They are commonly found in chemical plants, oil depots, docks, tank
Air conditioning refrigeration products mainly include expansion valves and various flameless connection joints.
Pneumatic products include: connectors (gas pipes, connectors, quick plugs), actuators (rod cylinders, rodless cylinders), control components (valves), and auxiliary components (filters, silencers, et
Sealing products mainly include: metal wound gaskets for flanges, asbestos gaskets, and low-temperature gaskets; Hydraulic O-rings, oil seals, and various types of foreign gaskets.
Pipeline valves are common control components in the chemical industry. The products mainly include safety valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, regulating valves, and remote control pro
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